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NBA 2k17 need no introduction, following the record breaking response from previous title, VCS team is again back with a heart throbbing and sensational NBA title i.e. NBA 2k17. This year’s NBA 2k title is developed by, again the same, Visual Concepts studio and published by 2k sports. NBA 2k17 is the 18th version of the NBA 2k series, introduced by 2ksports. Unlike the previous version, it has 2 editions this year. First one is the regular NBA 2k17 game while the other version is named as NBA 2k17 Legend Edition. Standard edition features Paul George in the game cover while the legend edition comprises Kobe bryant as the cover athlete. Since legend edition is a bit expensive from the regular edition, it comprises some extra physical and digital bonuses. Technically speaking, some more virtual currency, Kobe’s shoe collection, My Team packs and a lot more physical bonuses are being offered in Legend edition. Moreover, the concept of locker codes have been changed in 2k17, timed locker codes are introduced which means there will be no user based locker codes.

NBA 2K17 Timed Locker codes for Xbox 360, Xbox One, PS3, PS4, MAC, PC

Following it’s successor NBA 2k16, 2k17 has continued “My Career” mode in this edition, making gamers more enthusiastic for some more cool features. Stephen Curry is also taken care off specially in this 2k title because of the failed attempts of, visual concepts developers, of introducing it in a form of update in 2k16. The game is launched in PS3, PS4, XBox as well as XBox 360 platforms.

Talking about some in game features- Repeating the history, NBA 2k17 has again included virtual currency in the game for upgrading player’s attributes. VC’s will again need to be purchased by you. Simultaneously VC’s can also be redeemed by using NBA 2k17 locker codes. Previous NBA 2k16’s story entitled “livin the dream” written by spike lee has been completely removed to give space to a refreshing game play. A considerable amount of work has been put on by Visual Concepts developer on streamlining the controls as well as graphics this year. NBA 2k17 again heavily relies on the game servers for the micro transactions relating to purchase off VC’s in the game and several other functions. Traditional game-modes have also been refined to a great extent by introducing a good physics system as well as silky-smooth display graphics. 2k sports has tried to bridge the gap between real game-play and the video game’s action in this edition.

Coming to the point Every NBA 2k freak is well aware of the fact that we do require VC’s in the game. You requires VC’s to increase your authority in the game. Hence 2k team keeps on releasing NBA 2k17 locker codes on daily basis in order to make those guy’s life easy who cannot buy Virtual Currency from their hard earned money. Being a video game review website, we have also collected our share of NBA 2k17 locker codes from the 2k sports team to help our fellow gamers. You can easily redeem these locker codes. You just have to select the game edition and the game platform. A 20 digit locker code will be generated for you . Just select the denomination of the virtual currency you wish to receive and enter the generated code in your game screen. After entering the code your account will be directly credited with the VC’s in few seconds. We are offering these locker codes to each and every website visitor which means no worries of collecting virtual currency in the game. Just choose your Game edition and the respective game platform from below and get your 2k17 locker code. There are no as such hassles for getting these codes from us. Moreover we are trying to add a lot more physical bonuses for the game so that you are always in the front with your MyTeam. So tighten your laces, for playing the just released basketball simulation, with no hassles of purchasing virtual currency.

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NBA 2K17 Timed locker codes for PC, PS3, PS4, XBOX 360, XBOX ONE, MAC