NBA 2K17 Classic Teams : 5 Historical NBA Teams that we wish were there this season!

NBA 2K17 Classic Teams

The entire rave about basketball is heightened because of the release of the much-hyped NBA 2K17 Classic teams which means that the basketball season is just around the corner. They arrived at the stores just recently before the open training camp of the NBA teams.

This season witnesses more NBA 2K17 Classic teams than ever before. It features a staggering 45 teams from the past alongside iconic title holders 1996 Bulls, 2001 Lakers and 1986 Celtics. These classic teams might not be called so in the traditional sense of the word but it will definitely and indisputably be fun to play in a video game. Some of these 45 are definitely the ones, without a doubt, that we’d love to see in the game in this season of the NBA.

NBA 2K17 Classic Teams

Some of the most loved teams that we wish were a part of this season as a part of the NBA 2K17 Classic teams are:

1. 1995-96 Washington Bullets

When the Washington Bullets played, the darkness that everybody was enveloped in was a thing of beauty. This franchise of the Washington Bullets filled the league with envy in the ‘70s but two decades later somehow lost its light.

1995-96 Washington Bullets - NBA 2K17 Classic teams

2. 1998-99 New York Knicks

The Knicks represented in NBA 2K17 Classic teams with several other historic teams and it was also the last Knicks team to reach the finals of the NBA. It made history that season, without a shadow of a doubt.

1998-99 New York Knicks

3. 2001-2002 Los Angeles Clippers

The Los Angeles Clippers were never the “good” team but they were definitely considered to be the “cool” team as it were. The thing that went wrong with the Clippers was that they weren’t actually built to be a part of an actual basketball game as much as a fun video game. They absolutely got less than they deserved and they do, in fact, deserve to live as a part of the NBA 2K17 Classic teams forever.

2001-2002 Los Angeles Clippers

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4. 2002-03 Portland Trail Blazers

The name is enough for this NBA 2K17 Classic team. This team, without a doubt, needs to be in all the games simply because of how amazing they were in their season. They were the highlights of the entire 2002-03 season and with good reason.

2002-03 Portland Trail Blazers

5. 2001-02 Sacramento Kings

There are an astounding number of Lakers fans out there but to be a true Kings’ fan, you gotta really understand the depth of the game. This team that was led by Chris Webber was a force unleashed in the 2001-02 season.

2001-02 Sacramento Kings

The gist of the topic is that the NBA allows a platform where multiple teams from the memorable past with an amazing history and popularity and come and play together but there is no doubt that no game out there is perfect. These five cult classics stated above would without a doubt be included if we had our way! In an effort to honor some of the most classic and historic teams of the past, 2K17 certainly did a commendable job.

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