The Craze is Back – NBA 2K17 My Career Mode Story

In the world of basketball, the craze is back with the new release of NBA 2k17. And like icing on the cake, it has released a brand new story mode– NBA 2k17 My career. However, if you are among those people who haven’t played this super awesome crazy game yet, we have something to inform you about. Well, NBA 2k17 is a basketball simulation game developed by Visual Concepts and published by 2k sports. NBA (National Basketball Association) 2k17 is the 18th installment of NBA series and successor to NBA 2k16. And this 18th installment has included many different games story modes which will surely increase the craze over this game. Among those story modes– My Career, MyGm and My League have gained the most popularity. Not only that My career mode has included a whole new, different aspect to this NBA 2k17 which will surely increase interests of many video game players.

NBA 2K17 My Career Mod

Here, we will discuss at length about the latest My Career story mode which has created many rumors in the realm of a basketball game. You have probably seen the new trailer out there, but if you have not yet, check it out on Xbox. And if you want to know the taste of this new series games, I promise it will worth your time. Here, let’s get started.

1. Player Creation – Now before getting into central details, we should start from the beginning- player creation. With this feature now you can create your player. Here you will not choose any position anymore; now you will choose what kind of player you want. Here you can adjust everything, from adjusting his heights to speed and shooting ability. Check this video guide in which clearly explained everything about Player creation in NBA 2K17.

How to create player in NBA 217

2. The Story – And the most awaiting story of NBA 2k17 has been revealed. With hard working Justice Young and Mr Funny bone Denver, this game is going to be more interesting than ever. You will get many unexpected characters too like your girlfriend, barber, etc. Apart from this details, the biggest difference from NBA 2k16 is the how the way this story unfolds. Here the way you will play, the narrative is going to change that way. Example, f you’re a gym rat like Justice, the two of you will form a strong bond right away. And the new feature text messaging also adds a new layer altogether.

NBA 2K17 Barber Shop

3. Orange Juice – in NBA 2k17 My Career, orange juice plays an important role. Orange juice will represent the chemistry between you and Justice Young in NBA 2k17 My career. As you unfold the story, you will get to know the importance more and more.

NBA 2k17 Orange Juice Guide

4. Off Court AI and Endorsement – Along with last year’s practice, endorsement and connection, NBA 2k17 My career has included more off court options with new endorsements. In NBA 2k17 My career, there are windows of time where one can attend an individual event. Like there maybe practice facility and business stance meetings, so it is up to you to choose.

NBA 2K17 Off Court AI and Endorsement

5. Live practice and Doin’ work – Along with other awesome features, NBA 2k17 My career has included a new features ‘Doin work’ in the practice facility. Not only that, but Live Practice is also back.

6. MyCourt – MyCourt is back, like any other features in NBA 2k17 My Career, it is improved and new. Also, there are different courts which can be unlocked throughout the season.

7. Texting – As said earlier, text messaging is a new feature to the story of NBA 2k17 My career. This texting feature allows two-way communication with various and helps to build a relationship.

Nba 2k17 Texting

So there is everything all you need to feel the vibe. Don’t wait, rush and feel the craze like never before!

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