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Let’s start with a brief introduction of NBA 2k17. Well NBA 2k17 is the latest basketball simulation from the side of 2k sports and Visual Concepts Studio. Being the 18th version in all NBA 2k titles, NBA 2k17 brings up a lot more exciting features for NBA 2k lovers this year. A new level of expansion has been assigned to controls, allowing you to easily direct the ball to the post while pitching the pass behind you. It also offers layered gameplay which demands a thorough discussion but it lacks training tutorials, making life difficult for the new comers. Movement of players in the game feels quite natural hence encouraging creative gameplay. The previous “Living The Dream” concept by spike Lee in 2k16 has been sent to the bin, thus giving space to some new refreshing features. Moreover, the connecting issues NBA 2k16 suffered are no more in 2k17, giving edge to increased frame rate and stability, however few connection lapses still persist.

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VC in NBA 2k17 again proves to be the most important game currency since whatever you need to do in the game, from upgrading player’s attributes to unlocking certain features and buying virtual goods, VC’s will always push you forward. According to 2k sports, VC stands for “Virtual Currency” which can be earned by playing various game modes in NBA 2k17. VC’s get automatically credited to your NBA 2k17 account when you advance through “My Career” mode while your are connected to the internet. However you get virtual currency at a very slow rate if you rely on the gameplay, ultimately lack behind our progress in the game. For moving ahead with an accelerated rate in the game you can even buy them from the 2ksports store with your real money. There are various denominations of VC’s available in the 2k17 store like 5000, 20,000, 35,000, 50,000 and so on. Once the player has purchased one of these VC denominations, they can then purchase whatever they want like MY player accessories, MY player upgrades and Myplayer card packs. We have skipped this real purchasing process of virtual currency by introducing certain bugs in the game which is called NBA 2k17 VC glitch. What you have to keep in mind is that, the moment you find any glitch, just try applying it as NBA 2k teams quickly patch up these glitches as soon as they come to know about it.

A hell lot of rumours have been prevailing in the internet regarding the working NBA 2k17 VC glitch. There have been a lot of VC glithes in 2k17 as well which enables you to gain large amount of VC’s with less hard work. With these methods you do not need to purchase VC online with your hard earned money. You simply need to perform the list of instructions which we offer to get those hidden glitches. For e.g. loading up “My Career” and setting up “Hall Of Fame” difficulty in a 6 or 12 minutes quarter game and then playing next game untill the tip-off, gives you good amount of VC in NBA 2k17. Second glitch is, going to “MY Park Mode” and quiting the game as soon as it starts. But keep in mind this will ruin your player’s reputation to a very large extent. YOu can rinse and repeat this process to earn a large amount of VC in NBA 2k17. But all these are very time taking processes, as you need to sit back and keep on repeating the procedure or you will end up lowering down the reputation you earned till now. As of now we are also providing few NBA 2k17 locker codes which on redemption gives you 100,000- 200,000 VC’s in the game. What are you waiting for, try our locker codes and get unlimited amount of VC to purchase whatever you want in NBA 2k17.

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