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NBA 2K18 Locker Codes 2017

The next installment in the video game publisher 2K Sport’s NBA series is predictably NBA 2K18 so are the locker codes for 2k18. This year’s 2k title is a good chance for a gamer to update the rosters, fix any issues that player’s found with the previous installment, and improve on their already existing design. NBA 2K18 is a highly anticipated game from both critics and gamers alike and it will be a challenge for both the publishers and designers to create an experience that feels renovated and improved without ruining the game that so many love year after year. Still, gamers often complain about the lack of innovation from installment to installment so let’s see what 2KSports is promising with NBA 2K18, which however will not be possible without free vc’s recieved by redeeming nba 2k18 locker codes.


What are NBA 2K18 Locker Codes ?

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However, it should be said that NBA 2K17 received a lot of positive reviews, both from critics and from gamers, with IGN giving it an 8.9/10 rating. However, there were still issues that players brought up throughout this gaming year that they feel need addressing including the archetype system and the shooting system. With NBA 2K18 just now releasing information and a gameplay trailer at E3, it is an interesting time to look at what gamers want and what 2KSports are doing to improve their game and the system of distributing nba 2k18 locker codes.

The first, and biggest problem in some players eyes, was the shooting system. The long range shooting was incredibly accurate, and most players complained that the ease of the shooting, combined with the lack of advanced AI defending made for an incredibly frustrating game feature as it made defending longer range shots nearly impossible. 2K has already addressed this saying that they have reviewed “all the past shooting systems in their games” as a way of streamlining the shooting in NBA 2K18 ensuring that it is the most proficient and accessible shooting mechanism while still allowing the player to improve as a player and showcase their skill. This shooting system was also a problem because, players who have rock solid shooting ability as a result of upgrade with the help of virtual currency recieved by locker codes in nba 2k18, were often ready with a slamdunk. Now upgraded shooting system wil be an interesting way of approaching the problem, and hopefully, it will reap the rewards for players to enjoy in the coming edition of the NBA 2K series.

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Archetype problem in previous editions

The other big problem that 2KSports is focusing on for NBA 2K18 is focusing on is the updating and improving the archetype system that was recently introduced in the series. The archetype system was introduced with the idea that it would create a more diversified playing field and allow a wide variety of online playstyles. In 2K17 there were a few archetypes that dominated the field and outperformed other archetypes in all other aspects making for unbalanced gameplay, and while players were mostly on board with the idea of archetypes being a part of the game, the actual execution left a lot to be desired. 2KSports has also been quick to address this issue as a key improvement being made in 2K18. 2KSports have released an official video saying that “in 2K18 the archetype system will be expanded and deeper than it has ever been before”. It has been pointed out by 2KSports themselves that while the idea has always been positively responded to, the actual balancing of the archetypes is the biggest challenge and something that they are putting a heavy focus on in NBA 2K18.

Upgraded artificial intelligence(AI)

The one big aspect of the game that received a lot of community feedback, but hasn’t been responded to directly by 2KSports is the AI. Artificial Intelligence in sports games is a huge selling point for any game. If the AI is off in any way or experiences a lot of bugs, then it can ruin the entire experience for the gamer and throw off the realistic feel that most of these games go for. NBA 2K17 had a huge problem with defensive AI that a lot of gamers cited as one of the most frustrating problems in the game as the AI was a factor that could cause them to lose, but one that they had no control over. 2KSports has not made any explicit announcements regarding their AI, but it can be assumed that there will be efforts made to improve the experience and enhance the realism of the game, something that 2KSports has pointed out as a key goal for them in this upcoming game. They will also stress their effort in improving “”nba 2k18 locker codes” system.

The most recent NBA 2K18 announcement made was a big one that has a lot of gamers excited as it brings a new game mode into the game. Favorite game modes such as MyCAREER and MyTEAM will make a return as well as a new game mode called The One. The One is a composite career mode that allows you to play as your character and play in multiple different arenas around the country on two separate game modes: The Street and The League. This game mode will allow you to improve your player and build your reputation in the multiple different game modes, taking away the repetitive grinding aspect that most players experienced with MyCAREER and allowing gamers more freedom and variety when leveling up their players.

NBA 2K18 is a highly anticipated title and has a massive following in the gaming community with high expectations for the next installment in their favorite game series. players are already geared up for the upcoming rlease and they are also excited to recieve nba 2k18 locker codes, 2K17 was a solid entry into the NBA 2K series and provided players with an entertaining and enthralling gameplay that suffered from a few minor issues. The problems with the long range shooting and the archetype system were concerns that were consistently voiced by players since the game was released. One consistent issue the fanbase has with 2KSports is their constant patching and fixing of things that don’t necessarily need to be fixed which has led to problems like the shooting issue in the past. It will be an interesting development to see how players react to the changes in NBA 2K18 and how 2KSports reacts to those reactions. The one thing that the sports game publisher has not elaborated on as of yet is the AI. The problems experienced in last year’s game was a major gripe for some players and made the defensive side of the game incredibly frustrating. With the introduction of a revamped archetype and shooting system, and an entirely new game mode being introduced, it will be interesting to see whether 2KSports will positively build on the previous installment or provide themselves with more issues than solutions. Either way, there is a dedicated and expectant fanbase who will provide the publisher with some very harsh critics.

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