NBA 2k19 locker codes guide with unlimited VC Glitch for PS4 & Xbox One 2018

NBA 2k19 locker codes are one of your important tools in your 2k account arsenal which can boost your game progress tremendously. We need not tell how these locker codes for NBA 2k19 helps you bring laurels in your 2k19 career.
To be more specific, 2k19 locker codes are some 16 digit codes which you redeem in your NBA 2k account, giving out virtual currency in the game. This virtual currency is known as VC in NBA 2k titles. Locker codes are just one of the several ways of getting quick virtual currency in the game.

nba 2k19 locker codes

How to get NBA 2k19 locker codes?

Every NBA 2k gamer has been at some point in time, wishing for unlimited no. of VC’s in the game. Well, this wish cannot be claimed bad, because you need VC’s for everything you wish to achieve in your 2k career. This ruckus for virtual currency automatically generates a hunger of NBA 2k19 locker codes among NBA 2k gamers. We will list out a few methods below on how to get these locker codes for NBA 2k19 quickly and efficiently.

Just stay tuned to NBA 2k19 official twitter handle. 2k guys very frequently distribute working locker codes for NBA. Make sure you just use these codes immediately because in some cases there is an expiry date set in these codes. So there is no point regretting later.

You can also fetch these locker codes from different websites as well as their twitter handles. For e.g. Ronnie2k as few other guys also distribute working locker codes. Just be a nice follower and enjoy these benefits.
Online shopping websites like also offer NBA 2k19 VC voucher for discounted rates, however, these codes are for one time use. So please be aware of the fact that you use them in your account for the first time.
Few other websites also claim to generate unlimited no. of NBA 2k19 locker codes a, however, we can’t guarantee their promises about this fact. But you can still give them a try if it is free.

Some of the other ways of getting quick VC’s or finding working NBA 2k19 VC glitch
Well, there are several ways of fetching good no. of VC’s in NBA 2k19. We will list a few down below.

How to earn virtual currencies naturally?

MyLeague – My League is nothing but a game mode in NBA 2k. You might be knowing very well that you can earn 1,000 VC by just playing games. Although getting 1000 VC’s is not what we are talking about here, so this guide is all about earning VC’s quickly. Now simulating a game can also get you VC’s in My League. For quick VC’s you can also set quarter length to 12 minutes in my league match irrespective of the difficulty setting. Apart from this head on to in-mode calendar and use simcast live for simulating a game. Set the sim speed to 6x.

Your participation is not compulsory for earning VC’s in the simulation mode. In fact, even if you lose the game, you will earn 400 VC’s for sure. If you are a working person or a regular scholar you need not press any button on the console, you can just leave your console with the simulation on and check it out when you are back from work or school. Repeating this can get you 800 VC in a single day for two games. If you complete the whole My league season, you can get some 24600 VC’s easily. Thus swaying away need of getting NBA 2k19 locker codes from your mind.

The second trick is installing MyNBA 2k19 application on your smartphone and syncing your NBA 2k19 account in it. This app seriously awards you with virtual currency for just signing in. You can gain some 1000 VC’s very easily with this application.

You can also earn at least 1000 VC’s per day from playing prediction games as well, and those carry more VC earning options as well.
Apart from all this, you can also watch 2KTV. You get an opportunity to earn VC’s by just answering simple questions related to NBA 2k and even for participating in the various polls arranged by 2k in this TV series. 400 VC’s can easily be earned from this and moreover, you can grab a hell lot of information like small game tips and tricks from this.

Getting NBA 2k19 locker Codes using NBA 2k19 VC glitch

NBA 2k19 glitch or the bugs left in the game can also fetch you good no. of VC’s in a very small span of time. These glitches are nothing but some loopholes accidentally left by the 2k team in the game. For example, switching off internet connection in between VC’s purchase also works as a glitch in the game. However, these glitches get patched immediately the moment they come into notice of the developers.

This NBA 2k19 VC glitch obviously gives you an advantage over your opponents since you will have more access to resources in the game if you have more VC’s than your competitor. However, it consumes a lot more time as compared to using locker codes for NBA 2k19 but still, you can go for unlimited NBA VC glitches for 2k19 if you are passionate about basketball simulation and don’t enjoy pleading for the codes in front of 2k guys.

New announcement:

NBA 2K19 20th Anniversary Edition is getting released on 7th September. IT is priced at $99.99. This edition comes up with the following items.

  • 100,000 virtual currency points i.e. you will have good no. of VC’s at start.
  • 50,000 MyTeam points.
  • 20 MyTeam League Packs (which will be delivered once per week).
  • A Sapphire LeBron James MyTeam card.
  • 10 MyTeam Heat Check packs (which will be delivered once per week).
  • Five LeBron-themed murals for NBA 2k19 MyCourt.
  • A LeBron MyCourt design.

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