Top ways to Rep up quickly in NBA 2K17 MyPark Mode

NBA 2K17 has finally hit the market and is making waves around the gaming world. It has several online modes including NBA 2K17 My Park mode. In NBA 2K17 MyPark mode you can have a MyPlayer character online and make him join one of the three My Park communities; Sunset Beach, Old Town and Rivet City. Each community has a unique special ability boost while competing with other communities will also help you win special perks like 25% VC Bump and more.

Top ways to Rep up quickly in NBA 2K17 MyPark Mode

Here, we will give you some tips on how to rep up quickly in no time in NBA 2K17 MyPark Mode.

  • Always try to score a 3 pointer using a passing move or a dribbling move or break away from a defender. Try to resist the dribble up 3-pointer especially early in the game. Even if you are wide open or a 3-pointer specialist with 3pt shot level 99, it is still a low percentage shot.
  • Never heat check. This is not real life. This game has set parameters when it doesn’t allow the players to score. Heat checking normally does nothing but makes you go cold, so you cannot will it in.
  • Always keep an eye on the shot clock. This is basketball! You have 24 seconds which mean you don’t have to necessarily shoot within 5 seconds. Take your time, adjust into a good position and then try to score.
  • When you are the pg and bring the ball down the floor, stop at the top of the R1 key. Most players are more concerned with the dribbling movies than actually looking at the floor. You don’t have to run straight into all of the defenders after passing half court and then end up losing the ball every time. Develop a habit of holding R1 when walking down the floor so that icons to pass show up. Once you master it, you will be ready to pass to someone open even before the camera swings.
  • Whenever you are a pg and you are bringing the ball down the floor. Always look at the defenders and not your crossover moves. It is one of the most common mistakes make by rookies that they try to do a crossover every single time. As the game progresses, the move dribbles you do, the more likely you are to get stripped at some point. The game always keeps tracks on the number of dribbling moves you perform.
  • You can also get cold on defense. Stop reaching so much and stop trying to block every shot. There is no need for you to steal or block every ball, he just has to miss. If you keep on applying steady pressure throughout the game, he will surely miss a few. Also, if you try to block every shot, you are not rebounding. Stop thinking about 1 block, get 10 rebounds instead.
  • Give you attention to defenders the most. With this technique you will be able to assists the players on the other side as you will be knowing the movement of defenders and be able to locate which player is free. Pass quickly become the sooner you pass, the higher will be his percentage. Get NBA 2K17 Locker codes from our home page of our website without paying anything.

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